About the 161st Reconnaissance Regiment

Who we are

The 161st Reconnaissance Regiment, a part of the British Army, was formed during the Second World War to provide the mobile spearhead of infantry divisions. It was formed from infantry brigade reconnaissance groups on 14 January 1941. The unit was disbanded after WW2.

The 161st Reconnaissance Regiment ARMA unit are the modern day fictional version of this light infantry unit. A well equipped and highly trained regiment of very motivated and highly skilled soldiers.

What we do

In offensive operations The 161st Reconnaissance Regiment are charged with:

  • Gathering vital tactical information in battle for infantry divisions,
  • Probing ahead of the main force
  • Screening the flanks of main advances.
  • Hunting down enemy armoured units using direct fire tactics.


In large-scale defensive operations,

  • Delay attacking forces,
  • Screening heavier units as they move to engage the enemy.

The 161st Reconnaissance Regiment is primarily mounted on Jackal or WMIK but spends a lot of its time dismounted. Although designated as a Reconnaissance unit we are often tasked to deliberately engage with and fight the enemy, either mounted or dismounted. We will normally deploy with a raft of attached capability, including mortars, snipers, anti-tank, etc.

We will also be looking into doing Origin Missions based on the unit’s heritage from WW2.


Emphasis is placed on both aggressiveness and initiative, as these are the characteristics expected of the men selected for our unit, and, as a result, a proud offensive spirit has been created.

Here at the 161st we have a mature approach to arma. We train hard and take pride in being a professional, team focused group, yet while having an informal environment, where military etiquette, ‘yes sir, no sir’, etc., [we believe] isn’t necessary. We consider ourselves a semi-milsim group.


Our approach to training and building an effective team, is fairly unique to arma.

You are trained to understand principles, to be switched-on, and to have a situational awareness. You will not be micro-managed or simply told, to do or not do something. We’ll teach you the why i.e. you’ll manage yourself… as a trained recce trooper, you’ll make the decisions and intentions of the leader happen.

Our training is held on Thursdays at 2000hrs GMT and main operation is on Saturdays at 2000hrs GMT.

quality not quantity

As a unit we also differentiate ourselves by wanting quality not quantity. Therefore, you’ll find our members are self-motivated to do their best. You won’t find us shouting at you or being condescending.
We are a friendly, informal bunch, but our standards are high. Being a team player and being willing to learn, is what we ask for and a commitment to that.

We are proud to have over 25 regular quality players.


We have carefully chosen a modpack which allows for flexibility in gameplay and realism.

You can view what mods are required to play with the 161st here:



Recruits will be expected to undergo several weeks of training to see if they fit within the ethos of the unit. Many fail. Those who succeed enjoy the kudos of belonging to an excellent unit and are determined to prove their own worth. Each man will undertake technical courses which will determine his role as a driver or gunner. Most recce men will be required to become efficient in these roles e.g. driver and operator along with being incredibly good in the infantry fighting role.

Only The Enemy In Front



Why not join us?

If you’re interested in joining the 161st, pop into our discord or TS and speak with one of our members: